Thursday, April 30, 2015

Baker-Polito Administration Awards Renewable Thermal Grants to Public Schools

Baker-Polito Administration Awards Renewable Thermal Grants to Public Schools
Savings to Benefit the Mohawk Trail and Hawlemont Regional School Districts

BOSTON– April 29, 2015– The Baker-Polito Administration today announced grant funding for Heath Elementary School in Heath and the Hawlemont Elementary School in Charlemont to convert to highly efficient biomass boilers from their existing oil heating systems. Two grants totaling $355,375 are the third and fourth to be awarded for implementation from the Schools and Public Housing Integrating Renewables and Efficiency (SAPHIRE) Program.

“We are committed to working closely with municipalities across the Commonwealth to reduce energy costs, support local energy projects, and strengthen local economies through energy investments,”?said Governor Charlie Baker. “This program provides Massachusetts with the opportunity to allow school buildings to reduce costs and more efficiently manage their energy use.”

“By providing schools across the state with the tools necessary to reduce their reliance upon heating oil, the Commonwealth will take a pivotal step towards ensuring the further reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,”?said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton. “The conversion projects in Heath and Charlemont highlight Massachusetts’ commitment to minimizing climate change impacts, and I applaud these regional school districts for their proactive approach towards an efficient heating system.”

These investments together?will save at least an estimated $30,000 annually by using a less expensive and cleaner?fuel source. Both school buildings are also planning to add additional insulation and upgrade the lighting this summer with assistance from National Grid.

“With nearly one-third of total energy costs going toward heating our buildings, Massachusetts school districts are searching for more cost-effective and sustainable alternatives to heating oil,”?said Department of Energy Resources Acting Commissioner Dan Burgess. “Installing renewable energy heating systems in schools demonstrate how these technologies can deliver significant energy cost savings, as well as provide learning opportunities and comfortable environments for students.”

The?SAPHIRE Program?helps Massachusetts public schools combine renewable heating and cooling with energy efficiency improvements to achieve deeper cuts in their energy costs. The program is administered by the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) in collaboration with the Massachusetts School Buildings Authority (MSBA). SAPHIRE offers feasibility studies, design and engineering studies and construction funding assistance to K-12 public school buildings pursuing renewable thermal technology, including biomass heating, solar thermal, and/or heat pumps.

"It's great news to see the Baker-Polito Administration making these important investments in our western Franklin County schools,”?said State Senator Benjamin B. Downing, Senate Chairman of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy. “These projects will serve to reduce the schools environmental impact and as a learning device for students.”

The program is funded by an allocation of approximately $1.7 million in Alternative Compliance Payment (ACP) funds and a $715,000 U.S. Department of Energy grant. ACP funds are paid by electric retail suppliers if they have insufficient Renewable or Alternative Energy Certificates to meet their compliance obligations under the Renewable and Alternative Portfolio Standard programs. The U.S. DOE grant provides staffing support.

Rep. Chu Disappointed by Prime Minister Abe’s Speech to Congress

Rep. Chu Disappointed by Prime Minister Abe’s Speech to Congress

Washington, D.C. – Today, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe became the first Japanese Prime Minister to address a joint meeting of Congress. Prior to his address, Rep. Judy Chu (CA-27) urged Prime Minister Abe to acknowledge Japan’s role in forcing women known as “comfort women” into sex slavery during World War II. Rep. Chu, who attended the speech, released the following statement:

“While I am grateful that the Prime Minister acknowledged the suffering of Asians at the hands of Japanese soldiers during World War II, I am incredibly disappointed that he failed to directly address the problem of comfort women. Despite numerous pleas from Members of Congress and many others around the world – including countries whose citizens were the victims of Japan’s war time program – I sat and listened to him once again ignore Japan’s responsibility for this particularly troubling and painful chapter. As the Prime Minister said, ‘Armed conflicts have always made women suffer the most.’ But healing these wounds requires honesty and an admission of responsibility. Shirking that responsibility and attributing it instead to the cost of war amounts to a pardon of those who made decisions to dehumanize these women and is license to future generations to use war as an excuse. The Prime Minister said that Japan’s eyes are always on the road ahead, but without responsibility and remorse, it is impossible to move forward.”

全美中华青年联合会?www.aacyf.org? ? ?微信号:Richard3132

美侨学界社团联合致信全体国会议员 痛批安倍毫无道歉诚意


Baker-Polito Administration Announces Federal Funds for North Shore Boating Projects

Baker-Polito Administration Announces Federal Funds for
North Shore Boating Projects

BOSTON?- April 30, 2015 – The Baker-Polito Administration today announced that more than $1 million has been awarded to the communities of Newburyport, Gloucester and Manchester-by-the-Sea through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) program to construct facilities that will improve port access for transient recreational boaters.?

“These grants from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will significantly benefit the economies of these coastal communities by allowing for more access to transient boaters,”?said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton. “The Baker-Polito Administration is pleased to partner with Newburyport, Gloucester and Manchester-by-the-Sea in our efforts to improve Massachusetts’ coastal infrastructure and tourist economy.”

“I would like to recognize the municipalities of Newburyport, Gloucester, and Manchester-by-the-Sea, along with the staff in our Division of Marine Fisheries, who worked so hard to secure these funds and make these projects possible,”?said Department of Fish and Game Commissioner George Peterson. “These are great projects that will improve our recreational boating opportunities and greatly benefit these North Shore communities.”

The nationally competitive grant program, administered in Massachusetts by the Department of Fish and Game’s Division of Marine Fisheries, awarded the Commonwealth with a total of $1,072,211. Eligible projects must construct, renovate or maintain boating infrastructure facilities and associated amenities for transient recreational boats at least 26 feet long.

The City of Newburyport was awarded $448,059 and will provide $232,000 in matching funds and services to construct a transient boater visitor’s center that will include showers, toilets, laundry facilities, dock space for dinghies, and six moorings.

The City of Gloucester was awarded $263,930, and will contribute an additional $263, 975 in matching funds in partnership with National Grid and the Seaport Advisory Council for improvements at Solomon Jacob’s Park. Gloucester’s project will create a new float system and include 144 feet of dockage for dinghies; 205 feet of dockage for passenger drop-off, pick-up, and short-term tie-up; an 80-foot gangway compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards; and an arched aluminum access bridge.

The Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea was awarded $360,222. The town and local partners will provide $133,513 in matching funds and services. Manchester-by-the-Sea will use the funds to create transient boater access as part of a new float system at Reed Park, providing a new ADA compliant ramp and tie-ups for ten recreational vessels that are 26 feet or longer and their dinghies.

“Working with the Baker-Polito Administration, these three communities will leverage local contributions along with more than $1 million in US Fish and Wildlife funding,”?said State Senator Bruce Tarr. “This partnership with local, state and federal officials will pay dividends for boating access which will ultimately enhance safety and promote recreational use.”

“I want to thank the Baker Administration for recognizing Gloucester Harbor as an important economic asset,”?said State Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante. “With these funds, Gloucester will be able to promote tourism, welcome transient boaters, and open the harbor up for residents and visitors alike.”

“This is an exciting opportunity for Manchester-by-the-Sea,”?said State Representative Brad Hill.? “This grant funding will provide for improved access to recreational boating and will help to stimulate the local economy by drawing more tourists to the town and its waterfront area.”

MA Small Business Person of the Year announced

Small Business Person of the Year:?
Todd Snopkowski - Snapchef

Jeffrey Butland Family-Owned Small Business of the Year:?
Elaine J. Boone - PTS Truck-Trailer-Construction Equipment Supply

Minority-Owned Small Business of the Year:?
Michael Chege & Raphael Bibiu - Ace Medical Services, Inc.

Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year:
Debra Heims - H&S Environmental, Inc.

Microenterprise Business of the Year:
Matthew &Tina Phaneuf - BioSurfaces, Inc.

Region 1 Prime Contractor of the Year:
Arthur Mabbett - Mabbett & Associates, Inc.

Massachusetts & New England SBA Small Business Exporter of the Year:?
Lester Hensley & Bashar Moussallieh - EMSEAL Joint Systems Ltd.

Massachusetts & New England SBA Financial Services Champion:
Mary Katherine Mansfield - Bay Colony Development Corporation

Massachusetts & New England SBA Small Business Development Center Excellence and Innovation Award:?
Keith Girouard - Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, Berkshire Regional Office

Massachusetts & New England SBA 8(a) Graduate of the Year:?
Hector Sanchez - P&S Construction, Inc.

Massachusetts SBA District Director Award:
Robert J. Viamari - Cape & Plymouth Business Magazine




The City of Boston is inviting potential home buyers and current homeowners to the Boston Home Center’s Housing Expo at the Boston Teachers Union Hall in Dorchester on?Saturday, May 2.?Attendees will be able to talk with realtors, mortgage lenders, nonprofit housing councilors, City agencies and City of Boston Home Center (BHC) staff about homeownership and home repair opportunities. ?Among other things, the main exhibit hall for the Expo will offer attendees information about residential properties available for purchase, mortgage and prequalification information, and the Boston Home Center’s first-time homebuyer and home repair programs.?

The Expo will also include seminars and information sessions for homeowners and homebuyers on specific topics, led by BHC staff and partners.? Offerings include “Options for Reducing Your Mortgage Payment” and “Post- Winter Home Maintenance”.?Attendees can register ahead of time on the BHC webpage:?www.bostonhomecenter.com??

WHERE:?Boston Teachers Union Hall, 180 Mount Vernon Street, Dorchester

WHEN:?Saturday, May 2, 2015 10:00AM - 2:00PM



Partnership supported by a $500,000 MacArthur grant for?green infrastructure projects

BOSTON - Thursday, April 30, 2015 - Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced that the City of Boston has started work with The Trust for Public Land’s Climate-Smart Cities? Program to help Boston achieve climate mitigation and preparedness goals set forth in the Greenovate Boston 2014 Climate Action Plan Update. The Trust for Public Land’s Climate-Smart Cities effort helps cities meet the climate challenge through conservation and design--from protecting waterfront parks and wetlands to creating green alleys and “water smart” playgrounds.

“I thank the Trust for Public Land and the MacArthur Foundation for their partnership that will help us reach the ambitious goals laid out in our climate action plan," said Mayor Walsh. "Through effectively using the resources that support our environment, we have the opportunity to create a healthy, thriving and more innovative Boston."

The goal of this partnership is to help the City of Boston implement green infrastructure as a strategy to better connect people, keep Bostonians cool, absorb stormwater, and protect the city, its buildings and its people. Through this partnership, The Trust for Public Land will help the City and its partners integrate these four objectives into green infrastructure development by creating a Geographic Information System (GIS) decision support tool, conducting research, and developing projects.
"We are thrilled to be working with a great city like Boston as part of our Climate Smart Cities program," said Will Rogers, president and CEO of The Trust for Public Land. "We know that coastal cities like Boston are particularly vulnerable in a changing climate and we applaud Mayor Martin J. Walsh and his staff for tackling this problem with solutions that provide multiple benefits."

As a result of the partnership, by late 2016 the City will have new research on climate impacts and an interactive online mapping tool. The Trust for Public Land will also assist Boston with creating green infrastructure design interventions such as flood mitigation and reducing the urban heat island effect.
Studies have shown that bringing natural features into urban environments can cool summer nights, absorb rainstorms, protect against coastal flooding, and help connect residents to mass transit and pedestrian corridors. These natural features, or "green infrastructure," like street trees, biking corridors, urban farms, and waterfront parks can keep neighborhoods of all kinds safe and livable when weather turns bad.

“Green infrastructure is an important tool that will help Boston both reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and also prepare for the impacts of climate change,” said Austin Blackmon, Chief of Environment, Energy, and Open Space. “I look forward to working with the talented team at The Trust for Public Land to develop this resource and identify pilot projects in Boston.”

The partnership includes participation from multiple City of Boston departments and agencies including the Environment Department, the Department of Innovation and Technology, the Boston Transportation Department, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the Boston Water and Sewer Commission, and the Boston Public Health Commission. Additionally, the state and community organizations are involved, including the Commonwealth’s Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, The Boston Harbor Association, Charles River Watershed Association, Metropolitan Area Planning Commission, and Livable Streets Alliance.

纽英仑朱沛国堂迎羊年 大秀宗亲文武双全

??????????? 会上还送出新年利是给中华颐养院,中华耆英会,广教学校,侨立学校,已是朱氏尊重敬老,励学的中华传统。
??????????? 朱沛国堂的诗人暨前主席朱绍昌,当晚担任司仪,特地写了一幅对联“朱门崇德义,胜友如云,沛国聚贤良,高朋满座”,为大会增添雅气。
??????????? 现任主席朱健威,朱添达,分别致欢迎,答谢词时,也由朱添达献诗一首“君是海棠花熳烂,繁枝锦簇吐芬芳,他日花卉绽放日,愿为绿叶作陪衬”,聊以辉映的向到会宗亲及嘉宾表心意。
??????????? 今年从纽约来的宗亲道贺团,格外庞大,有三十多人,其中包括青年组组长朱英强,副组长朱芊亲。纽约朱氏主席朱永益指出, 他们是应纽英仑主席朱健威邀请,特地来和倍投方案图片顿年轻朱氏宗亲交流的。希望两地年轻一代朱氏,能体会上一辈人苦心,从交流中扩展人际关系,累积人生经验,学习领袖才能,将来携手服务社会,光宗耀祖。

??????????? 朱振舜,李足兰(左三,四)夫妇,在儿子朱国昌(左一),徒弟司徒宗达(右二)陪同下,上台接受纽英仑朱沛国堂主席朱健威(左二),朱添达(右三)颁给表扬奖牌。(菊子摄)

??????????? 纽英仑朱沛国堂职员与嘉宾向出席者敬酒。(菊子摄)

??????????? 左起,朱星发,朱绍昌,朱添达,朱健威(右一)等人在会中合影。(菊子摄)

??????????? 翁宇才(前右起),谢如键,邝坤珍等人大合唱。(菊子摄)
??????????? 纽英仑朱沛国堂主席朱添达(左起),朱健威,以及顾问朱绍昌(右三)送出利是给四机构,由梅伍银宽,曾秀芬,江辉辉,阮奕云代表接受。(菊子摄)

??????????? 昭伦公所主席谭达儿(左一)拉着副主席谢如键(右一起),李氏公所主席李源沛,纽英仑中华公所主席阮鸿灿,中华公所财政翁宇才等人合唱。(菊子摄)

??????????? 经文处处长赖铭琪(右起),副处长陈铭俊,特地起身向朱振舜(左二)致意。(菊子摄)

? ? ? ? ? ??经文处副处长陈铭俊(左起),处长赖铭琪,侨教中心主任郭大文,有如三剑客,联袂合唱。(菊子摄)

中华耆英会讲座 吴皓解答骨髓疏松疑难

中华耆英会与十健康(Ten Health),纽英仑妇女心运会合作,昨(廿九)日中午在帝苑大酒楼办“骨骼强健宣导会”,请吴皓医师向150多名出席者讲解如何预防骨质疏松。
??????????? 中华耆英会在宣传单上指出,年满五十岁以上的中年女性,每两人中就有一人会因为骨质疏松症而骨折,昨日的讲座,讨论停经後骨质疏松症,以及造成骨折的高风险因素。
??????????? 吴皓昨日表示,其实男性年过五十後,也会有骨质疏松的危险。要察觉自己是否已出现骨质疏松症的最佳方法,就是量身高。如果身高减少了一英寸或以上,或者出现过骨折情况,很可能就是已经在不知不觉中得了骨质疏松症。
??????? 要预防骨质疏松,可以晒晒太阳,增加身体维他命D,多摄取钙,减少摄取钠和咖啡因,适度增加运动量,例如不行,打太极,爬楼梯,不要抽烟等等。吴皓建议正在服用药物的人,先谘询医师,再采取防止或治疗骨质疏松的步骤。
??????????? 如果做了运动,改变了饮食内容,也服用了维他命,还是不够时,就得用处方药来辅助了。其中一种处方药是Prolia,一年只需注射两次,但是这药也有引起严重副作用的可能,应该先谘询医师,说明各人是否正在服用其他药物,有没其他病症,使否正在怀孕或授乳等。
??????????? 在使用处方药上,许多人没注意的是,顶多吃上三到五年,就应该停止服用,找医生谘商。至於保险包不包,各种保单要求不同。据吴皓所知,有三、四家保险公司包,甚至有些公司还不需要另外办申请手续。
??????????? 吴皓指出,由於饮食习惯不同,亚洲饮食往往缺钙,亚裔又个头较小,骨质密度也低,还大约90%成年亚裔有乳糖不耐症,难以从食物中摄取钙,因而是骨质疏松症及骨折的高危险群。为此,他会视情况建议甚至年纪还轻的中国女性,都采取措施,改善骨质疏松情况。


??????????? 纽英仑妇女新运会会长汤凤鸣(左二起),吕锦芳,中华耆英会行政主任梅伍银宽(左三),十全健康策略主任陈爱玲(右三),耆英会医疗主任张青梅等人邀请吴皓医师(右四)讲解骨质疏松症。(菊子摄)

??????????? 吴皓医施拿出脊椎骨模型,辅助说明。(菊子摄)

??????????? 吴皓解释骨刺和骨质疏松的不同。(菊子摄)

??????????? 一百五十多名耆英,听得很投入,会後纷纷提问。(菊子摄)? ? ? ? ? ?