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????????????BOSTON?– Attorney General Maura Healey today submitted an application to the U. S. Department of Education requesting the immediate cancellation of loans taken out by former students of Corinthian Colleges in Massachusetts who were victimized by the for-profit school’s illegal conduct.?

??????????? The 2,700-page submission, complete with investigatory findings, supporting evidence, and compiled attestations from former Corinthian students, was sent today to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Special Master Joseph Smith, who is charged with reviewing the debts of students who attended Corinthian schools and establishing state law discharge procedures. The application asks for a group discharge of all federal loans taken out by approximately 7,200 student borrowers who attended Corinthian’s Everest Institute campuses in Brighton and Chelsea between 2007 and when Corinthian closed its Everest campus operations over the last two years.

“Our students are entitled to this relief today,” AG Healey said. “This submission makes clear that Corinthian repeatedly violated our state laws by failing to provide the education, services, and career opportunities promised to students. I urge the Department to use its authority to help these students get out from under these mounting debts and move on with their lives.”

According to the AG’s Office, students who took out federal student loans to attend these predatory programs are legally entitled to immediate forgiveness under federal law, Department rules, and the terms of the loan contracts each student signed. The Department has already used its existing authority to grant discharges to defrauded students, including students at Corinthian’s Everest campuses in California, and Heald campuses in California, Hawaii, and Oregon, on the basis of its illegal conduct.?

“Corinthian’s egregious deception and mistreatment of Massachusetts students is likewise unlawful and our students are equally deserving of relief,” today’s?letter to the Department?stated.

Throughout the course of its investigation into Corinthian, the AG’s Office has received communications from nearly 1,000 Everest students and found widespread misrepresentations regarding job placement rates, including claims by admissions representatives that prospective students were “guaranteed employment” and that programs had job placement rates of “70%,” “95%,” and even “100%,” while the actual rates were much lower. Students also found that there was little or no career placement assistance provided.

The AG’s application also details deception by Corinthian,?as alleged in a?lawsuit against Corinthianbrought by the AG’s Office?in April 2014,?including Corinthian’s false statements regarding the earnings of graduates in Massachusetts, the nature and quality of the instruction, the availability of externships, and transferability of credits from Corinthian’s Massachusetts locations.

??????????? In September,?the AG’s Office hosted an event?– attended by Department of Education officials – to help Corinthian students receive individualized assistance in enrolling in more affordable repayment plans and applying for cancellation of their federal school loans.?Together with U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, AG Healey called on the Department to help students?in Massachusetts get rid of the unsustainable loan payments incurred by attending the now-defunct for-profit school. Included in today’s application are intakes from?Everest Institute students who came to the event to apply for discharges.

AG Healey continues to lead efforts to help students who were deceived by predatory for-profit schools. This year she has rallied state attorneys general and members of Congress to speak out on the importance of loan discharge, authored letters, and organized calls and meetings with the Department of Education to help students struggling with their federal loan debt.
In April, AG Healey, along with attorneys general in eight states, sent?a letter to the Department of Education?calling on them to take swift action to protect students victimized by for-profit schools. In August 2015, AG Healey led a?second multistate effort?links to PDF file?with attorneys general in 11 states, later joined by two others, calling on the Department to provide clear procedures to help students apply for loan discharges.?
For more information on AG Healey’s extensive consumer protection campaign and comprehensive and ongoing investigation into the for-profit education industry,?click here.
Student borrowers who are interested in learning more about income-based repayment programs, who have questions about their options, or who would like assistance with managing their student loans, should visit the?Student Lending Assistance?page or?call the Attorney General’s Student Loan Assistance Unit Hotline at 1-888-830-6277.

天津滨海创投黄伟庆 12/4 上BCIC演讲

To celebrate the ending of 2015, a year marked with volatility, BCIC (Boston Chinese Investment Club) invites you to attend an end-of-year dinner.?Joining the dinner will be?黄伟庆,天津滨海创投投资管理有限公司CEO.?This is one of the few annual social gatherings without seminars. Please sign up as early?as possible so we can get a clear headcount for reservation.?

Date: 12/4, Friday, 6pm
Venue: TBD

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[HCSSA] 讣告: 杨艳同学逝世及为杨艳母亲募捐倡议

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杨艳是家中独女,是杨艳母亲的精神支柱和唯一希望。她的匆忙离世,母亲的精神和身体都濒于崩溃。在国内的校友和朋友已积极联系帮助杨艳母亲度过难关。哈佛大学教育学院也开通了捐款渠道,可登陆募捐网站?https://www.crowdrise.com/inmemoryofyanyang/?也可直接到教育学院Gutman ?Library (6 Appian Way, Cambridge, MA 02138)一楼学生事务办公室现金捐款。所募款项将于12月初在学院举行的追思会上交予家属。详情请见以下哈佛教育学院致全院师生的公开信。希望我们能一起尽自己的一份绵薄之力,点滴心意,都是杨艳母亲最需要的关心和慰问。

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Dear HGSE Students,
As a community, we are deeply saddened by the recent loss of Ed.D. student, Yan Yang, Ed.M. ’10, who passed away on Friday, November 13th.? Yang is remembered by many as a friend, colleague, teacher, student, and mentor. During her time here at HGSE she had a deep impact on all who knew her, loved her, and worked with her.

In the Chinese culture it is customary to raise money for the family of the deceased.? In this case, the Harvard community would like to honor Yang by raising money for her mother, Heping Yu,?who lives in Jiangsu Province,China.? As you can imagine, Yang’s mother is overwhelmed with grief and unfathomable sadness and will not be able to travel to the US for our memorial service to honor Yang’s life.

Yang was born in Liyang, a small rural town in Jiangsu Province.? Her father passed away when she was seventeen.? After graduating from Nanjing Normal University in China with a major in early childhood education, she came to HGSE in 2009 for her Ed.M. degree in Arts in Education.? She began the Ed.D. program in 2010 concentrating in Culture, Communities and Education.? Despite long-term health issues, Yang’s mother works on the streets of Liyang selling fruits and breakfast food to local members of the community. As someone close to Yang said, “Yan was her only child and hope.”

Chinese students and friends of Yang in this community and the Harvard community have asked us to?continue with Chinese tradition to honor Yang and support her mother, so that she will continue to have hope as she deals with the loss of her only child.

You can help honor Yang in one of two ways.? Donations can be provided through CrowdRise at?https://www.crowdrise.com/inmemoryofyanyang/.

We will also be accepting cash donations or donations of Chinese currency?in the Office of Student Affairs, the first floor of Gutman Library, Appian Way, Cambridge, MA. Our contact information is?osa@gse.harvard.edu;?617-495-8035. Our hope is to provide the donations to the members of Yang’s family who will travel from China to be here at the Memorial Service.

We hope to have a date for the Memorial Service in the very near future, and a community email will provide further information.

Finally, I wanted to share with you Yang’s concluding thoughts following the completion of her Qualifying Paper as she reflects on her childhood and family.

Concluding thoughts of Qualifying Paper: written by Yan Yang

The act of looking back at my 2009 moon study has become a search for the forgotten and the unnoticed roots in experience.? This act of reconnecting to the roots has simultaneously extended and furthered my experience at present.? In the notebook pages, there I found a moon gazer, a true learner, a human being with a history.? In reading those pages, I saw not only myself, but others whose images had long been blurred, distorted, or neglected.? Amazingly enough, I even started to see my own childhood.

I grew up near the fruit stand my parents owned, helping with carrying boxes of fruit, laying them out into piles on the stand.? In scorching summer, I pushed the cart loaded with watermelons while my father pulled it up the bridge and I pulled it back while the cart was sliding downwards going off the bridge.? I learned to unload boxes of apples, oranges, bananas from the cart in a way that the cart did not lose balance and tip over.? I learned to put my hand on the end of the handle when the cart did lose balance and was about to tip over.? I watched my parents set up a canopy with bamboo poles, tarpaulin, and ropes, to get ready for pouring rain.? My father invented efficient ways of doing multiplication in his fruit selling practice.? The flexibility exhibited in his methods amazed me.

I grew up watching my parents cultivating crops in the field, following my mother while she was walking along the ridge carrying rakes, pulling weeds from the field with my father.? I loved gazing toward the end of the field far away where the sun set behind the endless mountain (and, of course, measuring the size of a man with the cracks of my fingers!).? The best time of year was the harvest season, when work was done, when grains were piled up on the flat earth ground, when fire was lit to burn away the crop straws in another big pile.? When it was dusk, we children played chasing games, running around, cooking sweet potatoes in the burning straw pile.?

Those lives, tastes, measuring, carrying, waiting, pulling, desires, delights... ?now I start to see them as the root of me as a human being.? I thought I was getting further and further away from home because education had taken me.? Now, I am learning to find my way back, back to home. ?


??????????? 纽英仑中华公所主席阮鸿灿,倍投方案图片顿侨务委员梅锡锐在会上透露,他们也都是在做志工时,认识了自己来自台湾的另一半。
??????????? 倍投方案图片顿华侨文教中心主任郭大文在会上点名感谢每一位出席志工,坦言没有他们的支持,热心奉献,无论是元旦,双十的升旗典礼,游行,餐会,今年明华园的文化综艺访问团等等活动,都不可能办得那麽成功,顺利。
??????????? 到台湾出席了侨务座谈会,才刚回倍投方案图片顿不久的倍投方案图片顿新任侨务委员蒋宗壬,在会上报告了与会概况。他先为自己讲话不好听道歉,再直言如今回台湾开侨务会议和当年回去开国建会很不一样,因为侨委会委员长权力不大,面对向立法院争取经费这类建议,只能官式回答“尽力而为”,会议等於开得没有效率,有浪费时间之嫌。
??????????? 蒋宗壬也间接批评了国民党参选总统的临阵“换柱”,指出很多人对该一状况不满意,也称许洪秀柱年轻,会讲话。
??????????? 在侨界一向讲广东话的梅锡锐,在会中用国语表示,希望将来见到更多穿黄色背心的义工,齐心协力的为侨社服务。
??????????? 麻州牛顿元极舞健身会的郑玉春,曾秀梅,曾正泉,邱茜蔷等许多人,当天一早到会场,包饺子,煮饺子,让到会义工们在一碗热腾腾的饺子下肚後再开会,个个感到格外温暖。


??????????? 经文处副处长陈铭俊(左三),倍投方案图片顿华侨文教中心主任郭大文(右一)和两名倍投方案图片顿侨务委员,蒋宗壬(左一),梅锡锐(右四),以及嘉宾纽英仑中华公所主席阮鸿灿(右二),牛顿市议员莱斯(John Rice)(右三)一起颁发桥物资委员聘书给左二起,范纪琛,李寿泮,周仙梅。(菊子摄)

??????????? 经文处副处长陈铭俊(後中),倍投方案图片顿华侨文教中心主任郭大文(後右一)表扬麻州元极舞联谊会成员。(菊子摄)


? ? ? ? ? ??倍投方案图片顿华侨文教中心主任郭大文(右起)邀请嘉宾,牛顿市议员莱斯(John Rice),中华公所主席阮鸿灿,经文处副处长陈铭俊,倍投方案图片顿侨务委员梅锡锐,蒋宗壬主持志工培训,感谢会。(菊子摄)


二排左起,胡斌,Stanley,张小茵,Sophia Yee,Sam Wong,
纽英仑艺术学会摄影班学员们在过去这一两年间,足迹踏遍许多美丽景点,包括倍投方案图片顿市後湾区,麻州内的玫瑰花园,荷花园,鳕鱼角,秋天到佛蒙特州的Jenne农庄,断头谷(sleepy hollow)拍枫叶,还远征美国西部的大堤顿国家公园,黄石国家公园,拱石国家公园摩押(Moab)的死马点,栗钟(Maroon Bells)等。
梅国治表示,许多人看到学会学员们拍的美照後,常提出许多问题, 办这场摄影展,既给社区内喜爱摄影者近距离欣赏美丽照片的机会,也让人和摄影者直接交流,在哪儿些景点,一天中的什麽时刻,站在哪个角度,才最有机会拍出绝美照片。
他以几幅作品为例做说明,譬如“Red Horse in Dunbar“这张照片,山丘整齐草坪的图案线条,把人的视线导向了主体红屋,和衬托天空白云的斜线,山丘的地线,形成X形构图,十分美妙。
另一张珍妮农庄(Jenne Farm)秋景,是他数十年,每年到那拍枫红後,第一次遇上地面覆盖皑皑白雪的特殊秋景。
在开幕式中,倍投方案图片顿华人协会的陆德礼,参选倍投方案图片顿华埠社区议会议员的梅丽梨都出席致词,学会新人Sophie Yee还朗诵了其中一首诗,给出席者欣赏。梅宇国透露,有一名热心粉丝索要一份诗稿後,当晚录了一段朗诵音频寄给他。


??????????? 金薇薇(左)是梅国治(右)的得意门生之一,曾应邀在多地办展览。(菊子摄)

? ? ? ? ? ??摄影展的出席者围聚讨论他们对摄影作品的各自观点。(菊子摄)