夏星 - Wild by Nature: The Black and White Worlds

a new art show---the title is “Wild by Nature: The Black and White Worlds”--- on view starting in February, 2019.??The talented artist is Erik Hoffner.?

DATE???? ?Saturday, February 9th, 2019
TIME???? ?4pm to 6:30pm
PLACE?? ??Linden Street Gallery in the Trailhead House of Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary
REFRESHMENT???? We will have refreshment, wine and beer.

Nature is unpredictable: one minute serene and beckoning, the next wild and chaotic, its forms sculpted by elemental forces over incredible spans of time and its creatures driven by impulses and ways of knowing that remain largely mysterious. Our world is wild by nature, destroying and creating anew in a process that may seem random, but in practice is measured, methodical, and impressive.

Erik Hoffner’s inspiration stems from seeking these wilds out to understand and express their untamed nature, savage indifference, and even orderly beauty. “Wild by Nature” showcases three series created over two decades of photojournalism and fine art photographic projects: images of ice formations unknowingly created by fishermen in partnership with elemental forces, scenes of destruction left in the chaotic wake of a recent Massachusetts tornado, and portraits of semi-wild breeds of livestock recently saved from extinction in Poland.

Capturing these images with techniques ranging from time-tested black and white processes to the experimental terrain of distorted lenses mounted on toy cameras loaded with infrared film adds to the breadth and unpredictable nature of the photographs on exhibit.

A short video from Berlin Memorial School


Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary ?


Incidental ?Mo(nu)ments

By George Herman


George Herman attended the Museum School in Boston in the late 1970’s, and has been painting ever since then. He has exhibited throughout New England, in New York City, and in London. His work has been selected for the Ninth Triennial at the Fuller Museum of Art, the 8th Biennial at the Fitchburg Art Museum, the AAF Art Fair in London, and, in 2015, his work was selected for the exhibit Variations in Paint at the Painting Center in New York City. His work is in the collections of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, and MEDITECH of New England.

The Thoreau Bicentennial Read
at Summer Star

This year is the 200th anniversary of one of the most important and influential American writers: Henry David Thoreau. Berlin Public Library and Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary jointly present a unique event —the Thoreau Bicentennial Read at Summer Star.
Attendees will have the opportunity to choose and read a favorite passage of Thoreau’s writing. Writer John Hanson Mitchell, co-host of the event, will give a talk about Thoreau’s influence on his life and his books, which include?Living at the End of Time, John’s account of the two years he spent in a replica of Thoreau’s Walden Pond cabin. Honored Readers including Writer, Tracker, and Naturalist David Brown, MASS Audubon’s Naturalist Joe Choiniere, Berlin Library Director Bob Hodge, Writer and co-host Ron McAdow, and Summer Star Founder and Manager Shalin Liu will lead off the readings, followed by other participants. After listening together to Thoreau’s words we will discuss thoughts and feelings related to Thoreau, his work, and this celebration of his birthday.
Refreshments will be served. Seating is limited. Register at?info@summerstarwildlife.org?or phone 508-869-3434 and leave the names of everyone in your party, your email address, and your preferred phone number.


Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary is a place of tranquility and self-reflection. It loves rocks, trees, and birds. In that loving, we find nourishment for our spirits and our souls. These forty-five acres of natural land are home to plants, streams, glacial boulders, and wild animals large and small.

The Berlin Public Library provides materials and services to support community residents in pursuit of their personal, recreational, educational and occupational interests. Special emphasis is placed on current popular materials in a variety of formats. The Library serves residents of all ages, recognizing that each group?has its own distinct needs and interests: preschoolers, school-age children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. All staff are trained to assist you with reference questions, and to help you locate the materials you need.
美中药协夏日聚会(SAPA-NE Summer Outing Potluck)

时间: 9:30 am - 4:00 pm, Saturday, July 29th, 2017 (or July 30 if rainy on July 29)
地点: Picnic area near swimming pond, Hopkinton State Park (164 Cedar St, Hopkinton, MA 01748)
形式: Potluck, networking, teambuilding activities
报名链接: ?http://sapa-neweb.org/SO2017.php

倍投方案图片顿市议会主席 吴弭
昆市不分区市议员 梁秀婷
罗德岛克兰斯顿市长 冯伟杰
康州众议员 汤伟麟
前任费屈堡市长 黄素芬
加州财政部长 江俊辉
犹他州众议员 関玉嬚
囍临门大酒楼 倍投方案图片顿Beach街88号
敬请拨冗光临 籍增光宠
五时半开始恭候 餐券: 每席$350 (每位$38)
六时半准时入席 联络处: bostoncaca@gmail.com

电话号码; 617-658-3318

中华民俗艺术工作坊将於527(星期六)下午2时及晚上19:30时,Regis College的演艺厅演出两场年度作品[山水印象?Impressions],演出内容包括由多位专业编舞家精雕细琢制作的14支作品,欢迎各位喜爱各项传统民俗技艺和舞蹈的民众,前往观赏,来为所有演出的舞者加油,欣赏他?()?们一年来辛苦、认真练习的成果。



◆活动地点:Casey Theater at Regis College
?????????? 235 Wellesley Street, Weston, MA 02493
Kun Chang, 781-608-3971

倍投方案图片顿台湾同乡会 (TAA-Boston) 与倍投方案图片顿台湾基督教会 (BTCC) 订於4月30日(星期日)下午1时30分在Andover Newton Theological School共同举办「健康讲座--失智知多少」,邀请郑又祯医师为大家介绍失智症的成因、诊断、治疗,以及在家就可以做的预防保健与饮食配方。活动资讯如下,欢迎参加:
时间: 4/30/2016 (Sunday), 1:30-3:00 PM
地点: Andover Newton Theological School, 210 Herrick Road, Newton Center, MA 02459 (Building no. 6 on campus map).
讲者:Yu-Chen Cheng M.D. (郑又祯 医师)


A Film by Miao?Wang


The Film??//??The Filmmakers??//??Press??//??Screenings??//??Donate??//??Contact? // ?News? // ?Mailing List????????????????????????????????????????????????



Filmed over three years in China and the U.S., MAINELAND is a multi-layered coming-of-age tale that follows two affluent and cosmopolitan teenagers as they settle into a boarding school in blue-collar rural Maine. Part of the enormous wave of "parachute students" from China enrolling in U.S. private schools, bubbly, fun-loving Stella and introspective Harry come seeking a Western-style education, escape from the dreaded Chinese college entrance exam, and the promise of a Hollywood-style U.S. high school experience. As Stella and Harry’s fuzzy visions of the American dream slowly gain more clarity, they ruminate on their experiences of alienation, culture clash, and personal identity, sharing new understandings and poignant discourses on home and country.

全美台湾同乡联谊会 ??
2017年 春季演讲会订於4月8号,星期六 ,下午1一4点,於中华公所(90 Tyler st)举行。
演讲会开始之前,将为新旧任会长举行 交接典礼。
该次演讲会特别邀请加拿大知名心理学家李昶博士主讲"从心理学家的角度 来分析川普及希拉蕊的人格特质"。另一位演讲者为前世界日报知名主编孟玄,讲题为"川普上任百日回顾"。

倍投方案图片顿哲五 - TEAM 4/6

This is a reminder that our friends at?Together Empowering Asian Minds (TEAM)?will hold its spring screening event this Thursday!? TEAM is a national media campaign to raise awareness of mental health among Asian American women and their love ones.? Please come support the cause and enjoy an evening of lively performances and discussion. ?

亚裔的心理健康是值得我们关注并多加讨论的议题, 在种种因素下, 美国亚裔族群寻求精神协助的人数,比其他族裔低。 TEAM致力於倡导「精神健康始於我」、「痛苦是真的,希望也是」、「照顾自己并不自私」的信息,要求亚裔族群自觉,并进一步教育大众,正视亚裔族群面对的问题和障碍。 ?本周四 ?TEAM将举办特别活动, 播放一系列 video open call 的优胜作品, 并探讨相关议题, ?欢迎大家参加支持!

TEAM (Together Empowering Asian Minds) spring screening event?on April?6th.
Time: 4/6/2017, 6:00pm-8:00pm
Location:?Ben Franklin Institute of Technology (41 Berkeley Street, Boston)
Take care,
Cafe Philo @ Boston
Boston Asian Landlord Association seminar schedule on our website link:?

Seminar date:?April 8,?2017
LOCATION:?MIT Tang Center, Building E51,?Room 335,
70 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142

Note: Entrance is at the back of the building by the parking lot. If the doors are locked, please call Jason Pan at?617-834-4071?to gain access into the building.

2:30PM-5:00PM??中文讲座. “财富知识与房讲座”, in Chinese.
?"A Good Retirement Plan: How to Start From Your 401K ...”
–Bright Li?李光,财务and Jason Pan潘树仁,中城地
5:00PM-6:00PM?Investment Group, in English
1.?Real Estate Investment Case Study:?投资实例分

6:00PM - 7:00PM?Social Hour?房东联谊.

7:00PM-10:00PM Landlord Seminar & Discussion,?房东讲座, in English
1.???“The Current and Future Real Estate Markets”
– Tony Kwan, Cosmo Land, Inc.

Discussion Session”,?房东讨论
(1)?Landlord Tips –?Jason Pan, Midtown Properties, Inc.
(2)?Case Study – "Special Housing Court Case: Landlord vs. Inspector/ City Clerks" - Paul Chen

倍投方案图片顿哲五讲座 4/15


2017年年初,美国新任总统川普的外交顾问、前联合国大使John Bolton提议美国重新检视其一中政策,强化与台湾的政治军事关系,以因应中国在南海扩张海权等「好战」行动。具体而言,波顿提议增加对台军售,并将「至少部分」冲绳的美军基地移驻台湾。面对东亚冷战局势的重新整编,我们必须反思全球冷战政治如何形塑并持续支配战後东亚的政治局势、历史认识与国族认同至今。本次哲学星期五将由哈佛大学访问学者朱惠足老师带领,聚焦於东亚军事岛屿冲绳与金门,藉由两地作家的四篇小说,探讨小说中的冷战历史经验与创伤记忆书写,如何揭露美国帝国主义、台湾与日本国家政权的冷战军事防卫联盟之运作机制与暴力,以及两个岛屿在90年代日台国族主义中,持续受到工具性利用的困境。


Date & Time: Saturday, April 15?at?2 PM?-?5 PM

Location Clypd, 212 Elm st., Somerville, Massachusetts 02144


Boston Taiwanese Christian Church

9 2017226

? ? ?

English Service
9:30 AM - 10:15 AM? ( 每周日 )
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM? ( 每周日 )
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM? ( 每周日 )
11:45 AM - 12:30 PM? ( 每周日 )
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM? ( 每周日 )
每周日1:15PM - 2:15PM
每月第二、第四周10:30 AM
每月第一、第三周五 8:00 PM
每月第三周六6:00 PM
每周六 6:00 PM &每周日11:45AM-12:30PM


会址:15 Elm St., Framingham, MA 01701

Church Emailbostontcc@gmail.com

Web Page http://sites.google.com/site/bostontcc/

??????????? 赖嘉德长老:Tel: 781-710-8039 ; Emailrlaiact@yahoo.com



9??????????????????????????????????? 2017226??????? 上午10:30
讲道:卢荣富牧师????????? 司会:欧阳瑞琳长老????? 司琴:陈郁青姊

??? SILENT PRAYER. 张以利/小提琴?陈郁青/钢琴
出外人 The Vagabond/萧泰然作曲
??? CALL TO WORSHIP.......... 诗篇 (Psalm)? 126??????????
? chia这个所在,阮发见上帝所做 ê 大事。静默、故事、诗歌、抑是圣礼典 ê 中间,阮受提醒主 kah 阮代代 ê 关系。Tī chia,阮 kah 阮所疼 ê 兄弟姊妹找 tio?h 阮真正 ê 家庭,离别久久 ê 通转来厝里相见,斗阵出欢喜 ê 笑声。
Tī chia
这个圣洁 ê 节期,阮 koh pái tio?h hit-ê 古老 ê 应允--就是有一个圣 ê teh 修补阮 ê 失错,teh 复健,teh 重整破碎 ê 阮。
所以,来啊!来鞠躬敬拜,赞美 (o-ló) 创造 koh 拯救阮 ê 主。
?*??? HYMN............................ 真主上帝造天地...
God Created Heaven and Earth
*??? CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER............... 公祷文 I??????????
???? ??? HYMN............. In The Bulb There Is A Flower????????????
??? REMEMBERING OUR STORY. 创伤代表诗/许天贤??????
阿母 ê Mother’s Heart................. 洪蜜姊
主若及我同坐监 If the Lord is with me in prison ........................................... 黄耀德兄
??? SONG...... 最後 ê 住家? My Final Resting Place?????????? 圣歌队

启应文 RESPONSIVE READING...... 爱与希望/李敏勇??????????
Poem: Love and Hope
??? SONG....... 伊是咱 ê 宝贝 Our Precious Baby............................... SUNDAY SCHOOL
??? HYMN................. Ukuthula 平安....... SUNDAY SCHOOL
* ??? PASSING OF THE PEACE.........................
??? SCRIPTURE.... 出埃及记 (Ex.) 3:7, 耶利米书 (Jer.) 29:10..........................................
??? SERMON............. 流泪撒种含笑拾穗 卢荣富牧师
Sow in Tears, Reap with Joy
??? CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER........... 公祷文 II??????????
参诗篇(Psalm)? 126
接主祷文 THE LORD’S PRAYER? (会众) 天里 ê 愿祢 ê 名圣。祢 ê 国临到 ê 旨意得成地里亲像天里。阮 ê 日食今仔日 hō? 阮。赦免阮 ê 辜负亲像阮亦有赦免辜负阮 ê 人。莫得导 (chhōa)阮入着救阮脱离彼个歹 ê 。因为国,权能,荣光,拢是祢所有,代代无尽。阿们。
?*??? HYMN................... 为这块土地阮诚心祈祷???????
For This Our Nation, We Ardently Pray
??? OFFERTORY. ?我的性命献hō? Take my life and let it be
??? ANNOUNCEMENTS................................
?*??? CLOSING HYMN............. 圣父上帝 tiàm 天顶??????????
?????????????????????????????????? Praise the Lord, for He is good
?*??? BENEDICTION............................. 卢荣富牧师
*??? SONG......... 台湾是生咱 ê 所在 (台湾之歌)?????
*??? SENDING FORTH 请差遣我? Here I am, Lord??
*阿们颂? Amen.................................................

* 会众起立? All Stand Up
午餐交谊? Lunch & fellowship
Lyric and links

228 ?70th Special Service ?on Feb 26, 2017

1. 台湾之歌/台湾Taiwan/台湾是生咱的所在(曲词:王明哲)










2. 咱拢是出外人(/萧泰然)

咱拢是出外人,对远远的台湾来 ~
咱拢是出外人,在远远的台湾彼 ~
人人在讲美国是天堂,使人真欣羡 ~

3. 真主上帝造天地 new hymnal no. 5


1. ?真主上帝造天地, ?会光会暗无人会;
暝转做日,日转暝, ?生成万物功劳圆。

2. ?上帝慈心着敬服, ?保庇众人赐福禄;
食、穿及用拢妥当, ?万物齐备祂亲创。

3. ?主的功劳大无比, ?拯救灵魂拢免死;
天下四海大及细, ?诚心敬拜独上帝。

Our Lord God made earth and sky, Light and darkness, low and high.
Time and space were made to move. All began from mercy and love.

For God’s blessings we return thanks for things we couldn’t earn.
All we eat and use and wear, testify to heaven’s care.

God’s salvation pow’r is true, there is nothing we can do.
Under heaven large and small, turn to God for God is all.

This hymn is one of the oldest indigenous hymn of Taiwan. It was sung by the Missionary Mackay at one of the earliest baptism in Northern Taiwan. The tune follows Pin Pu indigenous tribe style.

4. 球根内有一蕊媠花/ 骆维道


Explanation for the unusual use tonality of the song-- to capture the mysterious tension of life.

1. 球根内有一蕊媠花,一粒籽包苹果树,
(kián) 内有隐藏应允,小蝴蝶会得自由;
寒冷冬天虽落雪,teh 期待欲来春天,

2. 静默中也隐藏音乐,teh 追寻旋律诗歌,
乌暗中会显出黎明,带向 (?g) hō? kah 我;
过去欲导 (chhōa) 到将来,这一切拢是奥秘,

3. 用临终做咱 ê 开始,这时间是无穷尽,
(giau) 疑中欲生出信仰,咱性命永远无尽;


1? In the bulb there is a flower;
in the seed, an apple tree;
in cocoons, a hidden promise:
butterflies will soon be free!
In the cold and snow of winter
there's a spring that waits to be,
unrevealed until its season,
something God alone can see.

2? There's a song in every silence,
seeking word and melody;
there's a dawn in every darkness
bringing hope to you and me.
From the past will come the future;
what it holds, a mystery,
unrevealed until its season,
something God alone can see.

3? In our end is our beginning;
in our time, infinity;
in our doubt there is believing;
in our life, eternity.
In our death, a resurrection;
at the last, a victory,
unrevealed until its season,
something God alone can see.

5. 最後 ê 住家/? 马偕博士

刘立薰/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CpO5WMIYLA

?( start the song at 4:30 time marker)
我全心所疼惜 ê 台湾啊!我 ê 青春拢总献给你,
我全心所疼惜 ê 台湾啊!我一生 ê 欢喜拢 tī chia
云雾中看见山岭,tùi 云中隙孔观望全地,
波澜大海中遥远 ê 对岸,我意爱 tī chia 眺望无息。

我心未通割离 ê 台湾啊!我 ê 人生拢总献给你,
我心未通割离 ê 台湾啊!我一世 ê 快乐拢 tī chia
盼望我人生中 ê 续尾站,大涌拍岸 ê 响声中,
竹林摇动荫影 ê 里面,找着我一生最後 ê 住家。

MY FINAL RESTING PLACE /Dr. George Leslie MacKay

How dear is Formosa to my heart! On that island the best of my years have been spent.

How dear is Formosa to my heart! A lifetime of joy is centered here.

I love to look up to its lofty peaks, down into its yawning chasms, and away out on its surging seas.

How willing I am to gaze upon these forever!

My heart's ties to Taiwan cannot be severed!
To that island I devote my life.

My heart's ties to Taiwan cannot be severed!
There I find my joy.

I should like to find a final resting place within sound of its surf,

And under the shade of its waving bamboo.

6. 伊是咱的宝贝 Our Precious Baby


手牵手 心连心 
咱站做伙 伊是咱的宝贝




1. Ukuthula U-ku-thu-la Ku-lom-hla-ba-we-zo-no Al-le-lu-ia i-gaz-i li-ka-Je-su lin-yen-yez
2. U-sin-di-so U-ku-thu-la Ku-lom-hla-ba-we-zo-no Al-le-lu-ia i-gaz-i li-ka-Je-su lin-yen-yez U-sin-di-so
3. U-ku-bo-nga U-ku-thu-la Ku-lom-hla-ba-we-zo-no Al-le-lu-ia i-gaz-i li-ka-Je-su lin-yen-yez U-ku-bo-nga
4. U-ku-kho-lwa U-ku-thu-la Ku-lom-hla-ba-we-zo-no Al-le-lu-ia i-gaz-i li-ka-Je-su lin-yen-yez U-ku-kho-lwa
5. U-ku-nqo-ba U-ku-thu-la Ku-lom-hla-ba-we-zo-no Al-le-lu-ia i-gaz-i li-ka-Je-su lin-yen-yez U-ku-nqo-ba
6. In-du-du-zo U-ku-thu-la Ku-lom-hla-ba-we-zo-no Al-le-lu-ia i-gaz-i li-ka-Je-su lin-yen-yez In-du-du-zo
Ukuthula kulo mhlaba wezono (Aleluya) igazi likaJesu linyenyez’ ukuthula
Peace in this world of sin (Halleluja)
The blood of Jesus brings peace
Usindiso kulo mhlaba wezono (Aleluya) igazi likaJesu linyenyez’ usindiso
Redemption in this world of sin (Halleluja)
The blood of Jesus brings redemption
Ukubonga kulo mhlaba wezono (Aleluya) igazi likaJesu linyenyez’ ukubonga
Praise (gratefulness) in this world of sin (Halleluja)
The blood of Jesus brings praise (gratefulness)
Ukukholwa kulo mhlaba wezono (Aleluya) igazi likaJesu linyenyez’ ukukholwa
Faith in this world of sin (Halleluja)
The blood of Jesus brings
Ukunqoba kulo mhlaba wezono (Aleluya) igazi likaJesu linyenyez’ ukunqoba
Victory in this world of sin (Halleluja)
The blood of Jesus brings
Induduzo kulo mhlaba wezono (Aleluya) igazi likaJesu linyenyez’ induduzo
Comfort in this world of sin (Halleluja)
The blood of Jesus brings

8. 为这块土地阮诚心祈祷


愿主 ê 真理若光全地遍照;
愿主赐活命 hō? 阮骨肉得救。
愿丧乡 kah 悲伤拢离开阮心中;
愿向望 kah 喜乐永远 tiàm 阮心中。

For This Our Nation, We Ardently Pray

For this our nation, we ardently pray.
Come, Holy Spirit, to enlighten our way.
For Taiwan’s people, we humbly implore,
fill us with Christian love to our very core.
O Almighty Father, your kingdom come here,
that sickness and poverty we may nevermore fear.
Our Father in Heaven, may your will be done.
May justice and righteousness shine as bright as the sun.

9. 圣父上帝 tiàm 天顶

The Creator Dwells Above

The Creator Dwells Above Poan To-eng 1936 Taiwan Tr. DBA 2011
The creator dwells above, rules the cosmos all in love.
Human hist’ry ebbs and flows, human life both comes and goes.
Generations quickly pass, only what’s from God will last.

Nations rise and kingdoms fall. The creator watches alWorldly riches, earthly fame, disappear in wind and flame
The creator yet remains; glory to the Holy Name.

Christ has given knowledge sure. Holy Spirit makes us pure.
Now present we these our gifts, each a pair of hands uplifts;
to the One who knows us well, safe beneath whose wings we dwell.

10台湾是生咱的所在 (台湾之歌)


台湾是生咱 ê 所在???????? 感念感恩在阮心内

付出情意付出爱???????????? 代代花蕊代代栽
台湾 ê 四边陇是海???????? 青山绿水随(s?i)阮来
美丽山河咱所爱???????????? M?hō? 人来破坏
台湾突出中央山脉???????? 峰峰相连插入云内
玉山阿里到奇莱???????????? 这是命根 ê 所在
台湾是生咱 ê 所在???????? 感念感恩在阮心内
付出情意付出爱???????????? 代代花蕊代代栽



我是天 kah ê 我听见百姓哀求

啥人欲带光 hō? 差遣啥人

tī chia (thang) 差遣我我听见祢呼召 暗暝。
我欲去你若导 (chhōa) 心中数念祢所有百姓

我是雨 kah ê 主,百姓忧伤我担当,
为爱伊我流目屎,伊却 (oa?t) 走。
我欲破碎硬 ê 心, hō? 伊爱疼 ê 心,
我欲传道理 hō? 伊,差遣啥人


I, the Lord of sea and sky, I have heard my people cry.
All who dwell in dark and sin, My hand will save.
I who made the stars of night, I will make their darkness bright
Who will bear my light to them?? Whom shall I send?

Here I am Lord, Is it I Lord?
I have heard you calling in the night.
I will go Lord, if you lead me.
I will hold your people in my heart.
I, the Lord of snow and rain, I have borne my people's pain.
I have wept for love of them, They turn away
I will break their hearts of stone, Fill their hearts with love alone
I will speak my word to them.? Whom shall I send?

纽英伦客家乡会为扩大庆祝 2017 年 "天穿日",(全国客家日),订於?2 月 18 日, 星期六, 隆重举办午餐会。除一般常见食物外,本会将特别提供深具传统客家风味之食品数种,以享嘉宾,并藉此宣扬客家美食文化。余兴节目将客家舞蹈表演,?抽奖,?及其他表演项目。


2 0 1 7 年 2月 1 8 日 ( 星期六) 上午 1 1 时?3 0 分 至 下午 2?时?3 0 分?

地点Hyde Community Center, 90 Lincoln Street, Newton Highlands, MA?(侨教中心楼上体育馆)

收费:会员会费,?家庭 ($20), 个人 ($15), 学生 ($10),?已缴会费者, 午餐会免费。非会员每人 $15, 8 岁以下孩童免费。

由於会场座位有限,有兴趣参加午餐会者, 请尽快向下列乡亲会理事报名,以便统计人数谢谢

祝大家新年健康快乐! 万事如意!!

周一男 敬

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